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Cindy Hope and Madlin Moon

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Cindy Hope and Madlin Moon are amongst the most beautiful women in Viv Thomas. Those tantalizing eyes looking deeply at each other as they strip each other’s clothes off can make anyone – straight or lesbian – to feel envious. The way they caress each other’s natural breasts turn them on instantaneously, sending signals down their shaved pussies and making them wetter by the second. They engage in a very sensual and arousing round of sex on a very elegant sofa, making the Ad Agency proud to have hired such horny and beautiful but really professional models. It’s safe to say that these two can be more than just screen partners.

Peach A

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Peach has the vibe of that girl-next-door and southern country cutie that everyone just seems to love. Her blonde hair and beautiful face coupled with those big natural breasts are a sure fire winner in the hearts and cocks of anyone she meets. But Peach does not particularly identify with one of the sexes, as she enjoys being loved by both men and women. She does well on her own too if no one is available, seeing as how she gets off on top of the counter, making her clean-shaven tight pink pussy wet with the help of her  fingers.

Renne A

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The classic and timeless beauty that Renne has can draw near even the toughest of men. She can melt even the bravest of hearts with that look in her eyes. Her voluptuous body with big round tits is a trophy to be won and her long legs are the heaven’s gates to her tight pink pussy. Renne may not be the typical woman but she definitely loves to sex it up in the bedroom, by the pool or even on the living room floor. She can do it wherever and whenever she feels the need to let out the goddess in her.

Nia Black and Vanda Lust

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What started out as a decent stripper training ended up in a sexually charged session with Nia Black and Vanda Lust. The titillating duo is seen grinding and bumping to learn stripper dance moves when they felt the urge to sex it up a little, finding the kink in each other’s body parts. These blonde and brunette beauties will do what it takes to have an electrifying fuck time even if it means skipping on training for the time being. Nia Black and Vanda Lust are two sluts ready and willing to get it on, tongue to tongue and clit to clit.

Brandy Smile and Betty C

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Brandy Smile and Betty C are two of the most charming models of Viv Thomas and being sweet and accommodating may sometimes take its toll. So both decided to play a little game in the Velvet Massage, where they can feel relaxed, take a breather and just fuck the brains out of each other. These girls get on each other’s horny side as they start kissing torridly, touching each other’s pressure points to reveal their desires. Brandy Smile and Betty C will definitely keep everyone wanting in this sexy and soothing clip which features their beauty in all its glory.

Blue Angel and Nicole Smith

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Trying out aerobics for the first time may be quite a difficult task, especially when you have two hot chicks doing all the exercises. Just ask Blue Angel and Nicole Smith, two lesbian hotties with a penchant for seduction in the most awkward places. It’s as if they weren’t even aware that they were seducing each other with the way they do their aerobic exercises on the floor. It simply takes one kinky move from these two gorgeous fitness babes to start a series of sexual events. Blue Angel and Nicole Smith will have to stop their aerobics tryout right about now and enjoy each other’s tight pussy.

Jazmine Bloom

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The elegant and sexy Jazmine Bloom needs no man or woman to keep herself busy. She has her toys and her masturbation skills to get her climaxing in no time at all. This brunette babe prides herself in her ability to be sexually happy on her own, being sexually independent for that matter. She can pleasure herself by stirring up her insides well, with the help of her trusty dildo. No one knows Jazmine Bloom better than herself and she knows her body more than anyone else as well. She can tame the beast that’s inside her tight pussy and have it moaning in delight and pure pleasure.

Samantha Bentley

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Samantha Bentley is a stunning woman with beautiful natural breasts and a sizzling hot body. She also has a really nice pussy to go with a tight butt hole that seems to have no experience in anal sex before. While she may be the envy of many women her age, Samantha admits to have little experience in sex in general. So she gives herself a shot by getting her very own purple dildo and wasting no time in thinking what it really is for. She sticks it right in her tight pussy and instantly feel like a hot slut, ready to fuck the next one that comes her way.

Eve Angel and Lana S

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If you’re looking for First Class Service then you came to the right place. Eve Angel and Lana S are the perfect pair to get your blood flowing with their seductive ways and sexual skills. Don’t get it wrong though cause these sluts are only interested in tits and pussies though they may sometimes need a cock for fun and play. This lesbian duo will have you envious of their pumped up sexy scenes in this high definition feature story. Eve Angel and Lana S are the best in the business and you wouldn’t want to miss one heck of a special.

Allison Star

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Allison Star is a lovely hot slut who is ready to prove her spot in the industry. She is one of the most endearing faces in the business and having her suck your cock would be a fantasy coming true. Allison Star can go both ways unlike many other porn actresses, because she loves getting it down with massive throbbing cocks as well as very tight and very wet pussies. She is a stunner who knows how and when to please and where she has to be in a sexual situation. Be it doggy style, reverse cowgirl or plain vanilla sex, Allison Star is really one to be beat.